Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TNR and The Ticking Clock

Last week, we loaded up a loaned vehicle for our second project staged out of the Beacon Chamber of Commerce space. The Coalition owns a couple traps with the rest being borrowed from a variety of sources near and far. Sourcing loaned traps can be a stressful aspect of the work as there aren't any local trap banks to borrow from.
 The recent TNR project involved humanely trapping a high visibility colony on the West side of town. Once arriving at the project site, the traps are prepared with bait and covers then placed in a variety of areas around the home base of the colony and set. Once the traps are baited, placed and set, it' a waiting game. Sometimes it takes minutes for the cats to respond but more commonly takes hours. The Coalition is working on a long list of TNR projects scheduled to be done a bi-weekly basis as an aggressive (but humane) approach to resolving the cat overpopulation crisis in Beacon. The clock is ticking and Kitten Season is upon us.

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