Monday, March 15, 2010

Clinic Day at Kingston

 It was an early rise for the Coalition as we had a long drive to the Ulster County SPCA in Kingston for appointments at their spay and neuter clinic. Before getting in the car, we have to prep the cats in the holding space. Prepping the cats involves making sure the traps are clean and lined with fresh newspaper and fresh linens covering the traps. Coalition volunteers Willie and Fran generously offered to transport us and the cats to our destination that is about 45 minutes North of Beacon.

Willie is a dedicated volunteer who rises to any call for help. The Coalition is grateful to have him and his wonderful wife Fran as members.

The UCSPCA clinic is run by Mary Ellen who is one of the best beings in the world. The clinic is well organized and comprised of a highly skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate staff. 

The cats are staged in room and carefully labeled with information that includes clear identification of the rescuer and the individual cat's sex, coloring and services to be performed. The cats are dropped off for intake between 8:00 and 8:30 AM and picked up between 4:30 and 5:00 PM.

 The clinic happens twice a week and is open to both rescuers and the general public.

There is a variety of amusing artwork around the clinic that we couldn't resist photographing.

It costs the Coalition on average $50 per cat for neutering and rabies vaccination. There are additional vet expenses often incurred such as medication and treatment for sick or injured cats and testing and further vaccination for adoptable cats that will be placed into homes. Then there are expenses for a variety of supplies for trapping and care for the cats while they are with us in the holding space for about a week for each project. It all adds up to a lot and a lot is something we don't have.

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