Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Life and Loss of Pixel

Pixel Caves Deal
May 2010 - December 2010

Pixel was not only a very special being, but a very lucky little boy who was found in a garbage can in Beacon in May of 2010. What saved him? His big mouth. Though he was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand at the time of rescue, his voice, mewing for help, was louder than bombs. And thank goodness. I shared time with Pixel while working to get him adopted into a good, loving home. He brought immense joy to my life. Pixel had great presence and a gentle, loving spirit. The day finally came when Pixel was adopted by a wonderful family who adored him tremendously. Pixel settled into his new home beautifully with a Mama and a Papa and siblings, too. Together, they shared laughs and love and tickles and tender moments. In November 2010, Pixel's health started to decline suddenly. A boy once full of radiant life was now listless and struggling for breathe. After thorough testing, it was determined that Pixel had contracted Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a fatal and incurable disease. This was devastating news. Despite the diagnosis, Pixel remained positive and fought to maintain his everyday life. His bravery though the struggle was nothing less than heroic. But the battle was lost on December 14, 2010. This little life, leaving far too soon, touched the lives of many. And he will be missed beyond measure. The lessons of love and life Pixel taught us will live on. Always. Thank you, Pixel. Pixel is survived by his parents Michelle Caves and Jared Deal and by his siblings Sushi and Sterling.

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  1. Two days ago, I lost my beautiful kitten Pixie (similar name, too!) to this dreadful, horrific disease. Like Pixel, she'd been a happy and seemingly healthy cat until she suddenly became listless. I took her to the vet thinking she'd got a chest infection or similar, only to be told it was almost certainly effluent FIP.

    That night, she died. It was that quick.

    I hope that more breakthroughs are made with this awful virus in the future. It's heartbreaking when a disease tends to attack the littlest of animals. Pixie would have been 4 months old in 6 days.

    I'm sorry you lost this beautiful little cat.