Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post Beacon Barks Gratitude

Thank you, Beacon, for the support at Beacon Barks. We had a great day with you. Super special thanks to Libby Faison, Steve Gold, Sara Pasti, Marc Schreibman, Michelle Caves, Kirsten Kucer, Marsha Aliaga, Belle Hann, Franny Lochow, The LaColla Family, Rick Price, Christine Seymour Price, Omar, Kelly Kingman, Paul O'Hanlon, Drew O'Hanlon, The Goodman Family, The Gurna Family, Kat Green, Fernworks, Kalene Rivers, Dan Weise, Open Space, The Ice Cream Express, Shirley Hot, The Franco Family, Ed Vermehren, Stephen Dickens, Kara, Korn, Lisa Altomare, Sai Corson, Tom Moore and all the kind folk who visited the CCC table.

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