Sunday, February 7, 2010

Giving the Gimme of Shelter

Photo by Lee Friedlander

The Coalition is in desperate need of donated space for its TNR projects. A dedicated space loan is ideal so we don't have to constantly hustle for space, but we will gladly accept any suitable temporary space that is offered. Our goal is to sterilize and vaccinate the stray and feral cat population as swiftly as possible considering the rapid reproduction rate of felines.

Lack of staging space has been an ongoing issue in moving forward on beginning TNR efforts. Please consider donating extra or unused space on a temporary or long term basis if you have or have access to or knowledge of any that can be spared. The longer the project work is postponed, the more risk there is for the population to grow, especially considering Kitten Season is right around the corner.

What is involved with using a space?
Cats humanely trapped as part of TNR efforts will need approximately 5 days contained indoors per project to prepare for and recover from spay and neuter surgeries before release. Cats remain in covered cages lined for comfort on a folding table for the entire duration of time held in the space and handled only by specially trained volunteers. The cats remain remarkably calm and quiet. A specially trained volunteer who is required to sign a liability release will need to access the space 2x per day for feeding and cleaning (AM and PM).

Safety of the cats and the people handling them is the utmost priority of the Coalition. Precautions are taken to ensure the space does not get damaged (odor, stains, etc.) in any way. Our operations are minimal, meticulous orchestrated, contained, safe, clean and considerate. The Coalition supplies all materials for the projects (staging equipment, food, cleaning supplies, etc.).

What kind of space is needed for a TNR project?
The size of the space depends on the scope of the project. Trapping entire colonies at once is the ideal approach to TNR. However, that is not always possible due to resource constraints. Currently, the average size of Coalition TNR projects is based on 3 to 6 cats per project. Considering this, the donated space could be the size of a small bedroom, garage or basement. And it doesn't have to be pretty. However, the space does need to be contained, have electricity and access to a sink. If heat is not possible during the cold months, the space is potentially still viable with free standing heaters. There is an ideal space scenario and then there is the reality of what is available to us. We're flexible.

We beg you to help if you can. Please contact the Coalition for more details.

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